Cutler Ridge Soccer Summer Camp

We are offering the opportunity to improve your skills and learn new ones in the weeklong company of other competitive players.

Led by professional and knowledgeable coaches each day will be an experience of fun and learning.

Daily prizes for camp game winners

Open to all players U9 through U15. 

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Doug Sanchez
U9 Boys
# of years coaching: 13 years
# of years with CRS: 14 years
E license

Orlando Vega
U10 Boys 
# of years coaching : 7 years 
# of years with CRS: 2 years 
3 year high school coach at Ferguson Sr. HS
Playing experience: Miami Dade Community College 
National C license 

Raul Benitez 
Boys U10 B
# of years coaching: 9
# of years with CRS: 9
Playing experience: Hight School, Naval Officer Academy Colombia and Antonio Narino University, Colombia 
E License
D License 

Scott du Feu
Boys U11 A 
# of years coaching: 42 years 
# of years with CRS: 13 years
Playing experience: Played at the University of Portsmouth in England
Played at the University of Bath in England
Played semi-professionally in England
FA Badge (England) & USSA 'D' License

Danny du Feu
U11 Boys A
# of years coaching: 
# of years with CRS: player since age 4
Playing experience: Palmer Trinity High School, High School All-Dade 1st team and All-State 1st team 
Division 2 college soccer at St. Michael's College in Burlington VT. 

Cesar Orellana
U11 Boys B
# of years at CRS: 16 years
Coached Palmer Trinity High School JV boys.
D License

Ferny Duprey 
U12 Boys Blue
# of years coaching: 10 years
# of years with CRS: 11 years
Playing experience:  Cutler Ridge Soccer 
Division 1 in Syracuse, NY 
"E" license awarded by the USSF, certifications in Special Attacking Principles awarded by the NSCAA. 

William Gomez 
U12 Boys B
# of years coaching: 4 years
# of years with CRS: 4 years 
Playing experience:
Florida International University Men’s Team
FC Dallas Reserve 
Orlando City Reserve  

Andrew Vassell
U13 Boys
# of years coaching : 25 years
# of years with CRS: 7 years
Playing experience: played professionally in Jamaica for 10 years.
US National D / USSD Adult

Jose Molina 
U14 Boys 
# of years coaching : 12 years 
# of years with CRS : 4 years 
Playing experience: All Dade County High School 
Miami Dade Community College and various amateur teams. Licenses or applicable degrees: 
USSF National D License

Graeme Griffith
U16 Boys 
# of years coaching: 19
# of years at CRS: 6
Playing experience:
Oshawa Croatia, Oshawa Italia National Soccer League (semi-professional)
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
USSF A License
NSCAA Premier Diploma
Director of Coaching Certificate
USSF Grassroots and D License Certified Instructor
Coerver Coaching Diploma

Sebastian Fernandez
Boys U17 and U18/19
# of years coaching: 17
# of years with CRS: 4 years
Head coach at Sussex College, N.J., Head Coach at Bloomfield College, N.J.

Playing experience: Played Professionally in Uruguay and Honduras
Bloomfield College

Anthony Stewart 
U11-U19 Goalkeeper Coach
# of years coaching: 25 years
# of years with CRS: 2 years

Playing experience: Jamaica National Team 1985-1987. 
Represented Jamaica in the inaugural Black History Month International game against Johnny Barnes of Watford F.C. 
Voted the Most Outstanding Goalkeeper in Jamaica during the 1986-1987 National Premier League season

Jamaica National Goalkeeper Diploma, NSCAA 1, 11, 111 certified.

Girls Soccer

Manuel Toledo (Manny) 
U10-U11 Academy-Competitive Coach 
 # of years at CRS: 8 years
 Playing experience: 1990-1994 - School of Medicine 1st Division Team
D License 
FIFA Referee Course 

George Maysonet
# of years coaching: 37
# of years with CRS: 11
Playing Experience: Jun 1984 - Jul 1985
NCAA Champions 1984

Jun 1978 - Dec 1980
Miami Dade South College

Clancy Corwin
U12 Girls
# of years coaching: 10
# of years with CRS: 7
E License 

Andrew Vassell
U17 Girls
# of years coaching : 25 years
# of years with CRS: 7 years
Playing experience: played professionally in Jamaica for 10 years.
US National D / USSD Adult